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Ross Halleck


Ross Halleck founded Halleck, Inc.in January of 1980 as one of the preeminent marketing and creative service firms in Silicon Valley, northern California.

Starting in 1993, Ross was a pioneer in the World Wide Web, branding Web sites and employing nascent technologies for marketing Netscape, Sun and other early internet companies.

Since its inception, Halleck has distilled corporate marketing objectives into highly effective creative solutions. Throughout its 26-year history, Halleck has been on the cutting-edge of sophisticated marketing techniques, strategies and technologies.

Ross speaks frequently at the American Strategic Management Institute, Silicon Valley World Internet Center, and Integrated Training Systems on the topic of converting brand strategy into investor value. He was awarded B-to-B Magazine's Top 100 Award in 2001 for his strategic thinking and national contribution to business-to-business marketing.

Pursuing his second passion, Ross has developed a Pinot Noir vineyard and Halleck Vineyard wines in Sebastopol, creating his own cult brand of Pinot Noir wines that have achieved national recognition.

Ross sits on the advisory boards of Diamondhead Ventures, The Silicon Valley World Internet Center, and on the Board of Directors for the Legal Aid of Sonoma County.

Ross @ a glance

Nickname: Rosstaman
Interests:Being a Dad, Flying (planes), Kayaking, Making and drinking killer wines
Favorite Saying: Wherever you go, there you are.
Closest brush with fame: Sailed three days on a Dhow south along the coast of Kenya from Lamu to Mombasa atop a cargo of cashews followed by a National Geographic writer and photographer. Don't know if the photos or article were ever published.
What I wanted to be when I grew up: George Jetson with Mr. Spacely's job.