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Parrot Tree Plantation

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Located on the island of Roatan, off the coast of Honduras in Central America, Parrot Tree Plantation was the dream of developer John Edwards. Halleck was engaged in 1995. All that existed on the 350 acres was a rough hewn road to the water's edge a mile from the central thoroughfare that extends across the island's 32 miles. John's vision was to create a luxury gated community, complete with retail stores, restaurants, a marina, homes and condominiums in the style of a Mediterranean seafront village.


After extensive research and travel throughout the area, Halleck elected to adopt a Mayan theme to brand the luxury development. Drawing from numerous academic texts on Mayan civilization, a glyph was constructed to represent the Parrot Tree, employing commonly used motifs used by the ancient Mayans. This logo was extended and employed in retail signage, site signage, stationery, literature and web site applications. Further, Ross introduced John Edwards to House + House Architects in San Francisco, who would work with John to translate his vision into an architectural masterpiece.


Over a decade after it began, Parrot Tree Plantation is the premier real estate development in the country of Honduras. It has broad recognition within the country and is associated internationally as the best of its class. Over 200 homes have been built, 60 condomiums, the marina is fully functional and active, there is one restaurant thriving with other retail shops soon to follow. John Edwards received the Copan Award directly from the president of Honduras for his contribution to national economic development in 2003.